Alan Pastrana Collection

Alan Pastrana was commissioned by Kanye West’s team of fashion designers and stylists to illustrate and design a tribute shirt of Kanye’s late mother, “Donda West” and Kim Kardashian’s late father, “Robert Kardashian”. The endeavor came about when Kanye was promoting Yeezy season 3 in New York City’s Madison Square Garden during fashion week 2016. At the time Alan Pastrana was working on some custom airbrushed leather jackets for both Kim and Kanye and baby North West, when all of the sudden the idea of commemorating Kanye and Kim’s late mom and dad came into play. These shirts would have a limited print run and would be for sale to the public one time at the fashion event. At first glance, the suggestion was to airbrush a t-shirt and create prints from there, However Pastrana being an illustrator proposed that the design would be more appropriate as a finished rendering on an aluminum sign blank with all the bells and whistles. Consequently, Pastrana sought out to create two master original illustrations from which the shirts were going to be printed from. Not only was the pressure on to meet Kanye’s expectations but both portraits had an almost impossible deadline. Nevertheless, Pastrana delivered the artwork in true professional fashion overnight and in time for the fashion event. Kanye’s approval and love for the t-shirt design is very evident as he’s been seen wearing the shirt at various broadcast venues including on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” show. Other members of the Kardashian family have also rocked Pastrana’s design like “Kylie Jenner”, who has been spotted sporting the tribute T. Currently Alan Pastrana is working on additional airbrushed apparel for baby North, be on the look out more fabulous art by Pastrana!


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